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Tired Legs Special MassageTired Legs Special Massage

This uses a Flowtron mechanical Lymphatic system. This device was first used to aid recovery from surgery, but was found to have a general beneficial effect with slimming effect on the legs. Finished with a massage using selected essential oils greatly relives and revitalises tired legs.


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Our resident therapist Andrew Smith has devised the tired legs special massage. He is a former ITEC Sports Massage tutor at Walmer College Raheny.

You will be treated by being placed on a special machine called a Flowtron which will carry out a complete lymphatic drainage treatment of the legs and increase circulation. This machine is used extensively by physiotherapy departments involved in professional sport to drain sports peoples legs, and reduce swelling in injury sites.

This is a very relaxing treatment - once this stage of the tired legs treatment is completed your legs will be massaged with oils specially blended by Andrew to assist with further lymphatic drainage of the legs and increase circulation thus revitalising tired legs. Because your legs have been efficiently drained they will be much slimmer.

This treatment is excellent & proven with:

  • Oedema
  • Swollen ankles and legs.


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